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June 12th 2011

The Album

It's been a long old year since last summer. If I'm honest not all of it has been super exciting and happy but, all of it has revolved around my debut album. I've met and made friends with even more inspiring and talented new people who are kindly helping me on my way. I love hearing peoples stories because everyone has one, and it's nearly always one of struggle and perseverance. Everyone comes from some where and and has been part of something else before reaching the place they are in now. I find it fascinating, and sometimes when you need a little encouragement those stories really help.
Most of this year until now has been slow and actually a little boring! These are the times when it takes a lot of strength and self belief to get you through. It's easy to stay motivated when you are constantly busy, but it's those long gaps in between that no one tells you about, they're the killer!
However the second part of this year is now moving faster then I expected (there's never a balance in this business!) I had previously finished the album with Andy Chatterley at the beginning of the year but since then more people have come on board and I am back in the studio adding even more songs to the mix! These people include H Boogie, Myx Quest and Manhattan Clique! I'm very fortunate that they find what we are doing exciting and want to be a part of it! I'm having so much fun in the studio and I really do feel more at home there then anywhere else in the world. 
I'm a real firm believer in staying true to yourself no matter what people do or say. I've never been one to say or do things I don't agree with just to be popular or liked and I want my music to portray that. 
It's still an exciting journey and we are nearly ready to take this project to the next level which frankly excites and scares the crap out of me all at the same time! 
In the mean time I'm going to be uploading more webisodes and I'm also going to attempt my first live you stream on Twitter! That should be interesting :/ More blogs and pictures to come too. I'm loving the fact I can in some way take all of you with me on the same journey. Please feel free to  drop by on twitter and tell me what you think, I'm open to all constructive comments, well lets try to keep it friendly!!!

I'll be back soon
Thanks so much for reading

Lots of love 


November 1st 2010 

Moving on...

 Things are finally moving forward for me now. On Friday I began recording my album and so began a whole new experience and level of ideas. Each new project brings a new style and way of thinking, and it’s great to reflect this in the music. I feel so different from the GCC day’s, it’s like a brand new me is emerging.

 This opportunity came about very quickly and unexpectedly. After GCC ended I was invited to have a meeting with my management team, fortunately we were all on the same page musically. This saved a lot of time! Immediately they arranged to a number of recording sessions with different producers. It was literally the second producer I worked with when things started to happen! I was asked to sing on a track written by the extremely talented Andy Chatterley.  I’d heard of Andy before and I was aware of his material he’d written for other artists over the years and I was very keen to work with him. I spent less then two hours with him completing a track. I had a great day, and that was it as far as I was aware. Next thing I knew, management had called me in to tell me Andy was impressed with my singing and wanted to work with me full time on an album!

 Andy and I spent some time talking about music styles, image, direction etc. I’m not going to reveal any of our ideas on here; I think it’s best to keep it as a surprise for next year. I’ll be co-writing half of the album with Andy and his wife Nerina Pallot. There will also be input from other big writers such as Shelley Poole, Tebey Ottoh, and Tommy Lee James. Nerina has written many genius songs including ‘Real Late Starter’ covered by X Factor winner Joe McElderry. Check out Nerina’s version as well as Joes on YouTube. Andy is laid back and easy to work with I already feel at home in his very large and theatrical studio in North London. Although I’m not sure about the mannequins he has all over the place, spooky!

 This is an exciting time for me and I have to say it feels good to have a little more control over my musical path. I was fortunate enough to be a part of a fantastically fun band, and without that opportunity I would not be doing this. I’ve learnt a lot about the industry and about myself, so I’m going to take my experiences and throw them all into my writing. Of course I’ll be keeping you up to date on twitter. I’m going to be very busy from now until Christmas. The plan is to have most of the album finished this side of the year then tweak the rest in January, and I am looking forward to being very creative and busy!

I hope you have enjoyed the read. I’ll be back soon.

Daizy recording in the studio!


October 20th 2010

Notes on the Music Business…


I’m absolutely fascinated by the music industry and I always knew it was the world for me. It took me sometime to get a break as part of Girls Can’t Catch, but from then on it was non stop drama, travel, excitement, stress and adventure.  The people we met almost always had some kind of quirky edge as it is a world full of egos and huge personalities! I can see how some people would absolutely hate the industry as it lacks any kind of certainty or security! Nothing is guaranteed. You have to be passionate about it, to want it and stay in it. I plunged in without a back-up plan, for me it was the only way.

 I did it the hard way; I did not have stage school training, just an obstinate belief in my own ability. Luck and timing, play a huge part as well of course talent, but its persistence that pays off.  Some people make it at 17 and end up being seen a ‘has been’ at 21. Some finally make it at 50 with the help of reality shows. Some achieve fame loose it, get there again, and loose it again. Some manage to get it and keep it. It’s unpredictable and you should always expect the unexpected. Never assume you’re safe and never think you’re too good just because you’ve been on TV a few times.

 If music is for you then here are some of the pros and cons. This is purely from my perspective; different people will have different opinions based on their very different experiences. I’ve met a few people now that think this is what they want and when they have it, they realise they may have been wrong and want out.

 From beginning to end you will have to endure knock backs and criticism, there is no getting away from that! For example, unsuccessful auditions, maybe you didn’t get through on X Factor, or you didn’t get the lead part in your school play. Not everyone is going to like you, your voice, hair, face, height, the list can go on. Whatever it is you will hear about it. When I first read harsh and unwelcome comments I found it very difficult to deal with. Now, I realise its part of the job and as the saying goes “if you can’t stand the heat…”

 Then there are the mistakes, they follow you around like or not! At the time you don’t realise you are making them, but once they are out there it is too late. I always trust my instincts when it comes to making decisions; this gets me through and takes me forward but its too easy to look back at interviews, and analyse, as I found out during my time with GCC. Sometimes I cringe! I think ‘did I really say that?!’ ‘Did I really look like that!?’ The truth is yes I did! LOL

 I love to travel and I love to perform, but long hours spent driving up and down motorways in the dead of night is not everyone’s idea of fun. For example one night our flight from Aberdeen was cancelled, something to do with dust clouds! We had no choice but to hire a car and drive for ten hours back to London.

 After the Girls Aloud tour we spent a lot of time touring clubs up and down the country, and some of these venues were not very pretty! There was a huge difference between glamorous arenas and hotels, and small local clubs in various cities, but it was all part of the job, but I’d toured clubs before and knew that every performance deserved 100%.

 On one occasion we ended up in what could have been a nasty confrontation with a group of drunken men. It was unpleasant and threatening, and I’m very  feisty, so stood in to protect by band mates which left me in a potentially dangerous position.  Luckily we were protected by our tour manager but some bands starting out don’t have that luxury. I must state that every venue we went to the managers were extremely hospitable and made us feel very welcome :)

 The pros are obviously fantastic. Shooting videos, staying in gorgeous hotels, free clothes, hair and make up, the warmth of the fan’s, performing, being on TV and the radio, and so much more. The perks are incredible!

So far I feel very lucky to be where I am right now.

 More blogs and pictures about my up and coming album soon :)



On stage last Summer


Daizy and Valerie the mannequin!


The recording studio!


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